Sour cherry concentrate

Sour cherry concentrate with Brix over 64 and without preservatives is another product of Sinar Company, which is produced by the most up-to-date Italian technology and machinery and using Bucher press dehydration system as well as continuous evaporator condensing system.

Product Specifications

Titrable Acidity :
6.7 -7.5(g/100ml)
pH :
Density :
1.29 (g/l)
Color (BX 1.5,520/430 nm) :
1.4 - 1.6
Turbidity (BX 12):
3 -5 (ntu)
Formol number :
12- 1.8(g/100ml)
Shelf life and Storage :
-18° C / 3 Years
Appearance / Color:
Clear /Dark Red
Taste :
Sour & Sweet

More Details

Sour cherry is a popular fruit in the food industry. The medicinal effects of this fruit include anti-constipation, laxative, narrow heart arteries improvement, increase athletic power, and relieving the pain caused by professional sports. Fresh and natural juice and concentrate without any preservative contain all nutrients of the fresh fruit and because of that sour cherry concentrate is used in several fields of the food industry, especially juice production (in form of normal or carbonated beverages).

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